Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Soya Pro Diet is full of protein which is an important element. Our human body out of the total weight the quotient of protein is 20 percent. Protein repairs the body tissue. It helps keep skin , hair and nails healthy. Our body is made of innumerable cells. nbsp;
Kala Khatta
Protein does the work of repairing the cells and giving it energy. Protein increases our resistance towards diseases. Due to protein construction of muscles, skin, hair and connective tissues takes place. So it is very necessary element for growth of our body. Lack of protein can cause illness, growth failure, weakening of heart etc.

  • The glycemic index in Soya bean is between 18-25, which help control the amount of diabetes in the blood. It has digene and cenestin hormones which also helps control the amount of diabetes in the blood.
  • By using soya protein there is decrease in the amount of calcium in urine, as compared to normal conditions. Due to this the bones becomes stronger and kidney stays healthy.
  • By having soya protein pregnant women/feeding mother have more amount of iron and calcium in them and the beneficial placenta reaches the infants through feeding. Thus both the mothers and child are healthy.
  • There is no cholesterol in soya protein and the present cholesterol also decreases by using it. Due to which it is very useful for people with heart diseases.
  • When a child is not able to digest milk of cow or goat then the doctors suggest him to take soya product or soya milk as it does not have lactose in them.
  • The amount of hemoglobin increases in the blood with the use of soya protein. It is very helpful for people with anemia.
  • It has Bita Carotin in it due to which the disease of eyes and skin is removed.
  • There is good amount of isoflavones in it which protects from cancer and it prevents the clotting of blood in veins due to which the risk of heart attack decreases.
  • It has calcium, magnesium and phosphorus in it due to which the teeth stay stronger and the brains get more energy. Its regular use provides energy to body and brain. Eating soya can increase the weight, height, amount of hemoglobin and memory of children.
  • The disease of Osteoporosis due to which bones melts also gets ways with the use of soya protein.
  • It can remove the difficulty of menopause in women( a common illness for women)
  • Using this product also removes hypertension.
  • It also removes stones in kidney.
  • It has niyasin in it that strengthen the veins of the heart.
  • It has vitamin A, B complex, C, D, and E.
  • By using it the working capacity of a person increases by hours and you get less tired.
  • It has ferric acid in it which is a very good antioxidant.
  • It has lecithin in it which opens the fibers in the brain, strengthens the liver and stops the increase of cholesterol in the heart.
  • In provided energy to cells in old age that is why it is also called old age resistance.
  • It decreases the extra fat in the body.