Wednesday, December 3, 2008

RCM Business Marketing Plan

The best part of this concept is that you do not have to do anything different from what you have been doing till now. All you are required to do is to purchase RCM Products(Business Kit) and get your registration through internet. And from then onwards, use RCM Products, because :-

  1. You are getting best quality at reasonable price.
  2. No chance of duplicate goods.
  3. It also provide a source of income.

After using the product and feeling satisfied with quality and concept you can share your views with your friends and relatives. This way they will also start using the products and so on. Thus the company does not require any advertisement or middlemen for selling its products. The amount saved will be distributed between you and the people who associate to the company because of you. Day by day as your group will expand your income will also increase.

Company distributes upto 30% Performance bonus, upto 6% royalty and on qualification, upto 4% technical bonus and upto 1% leadership bonus on total *Business Volume.

Business Volume is the actual value on which all the calculations for commision is done. It may be equal or less than M.R.P.

There are four ways to get Income in RCM Business:
  1. Purchases for self requirement.
  2. Purchases by your down liners.
  3. Retailing by you or your down liners.
  4. Business kit purchased by new distributors.


Cassey Mendiola said...

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Unknown said...

The commission calculation should be simple and direct. It appears that commission of RCM is much less than the comparative products in the market