Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How To Join RCM Business

As the Clothes are part of everybody’s routine requirement RCM is an easy way to fulfill your requirement. It’s very easy to join RCM by purchasing anyone of the Textile Kits: -

Option 1. NM Kit – Rs. 1500/-
3 T/L (Length 1.20 Mtr.), 3 Shirt Pcs. (Length 2.25 Mtr.)

Option 2. SL Kit – Rs. 1320/-
2 S/L (Length 3.00 Mtr.)

Option 3. Safari Kit – Rs. 1410/-
3 - Safari Length (Length 2.5 Mtr.)

Option 4. Shahi Libas Kit Rs. 1470/-
One premium quality Suit Length (Length 3.00 Mtr.)

Option 5. Open choice Kit Rs. 300/-
To join from this kit it is mandatory to make textile product purchase of
worth 1500 B.V.

Option 6. Premium S.L. Kit Rs. 1580/-
2 premium quality suit length (Length 3.00 Mtr.)

Option 7. NLM Kit Rs. 1620/-
3 T/L (Length 1.30), 3 Shirt Pcs. (length 2.5)

1. After selection of kit and paying the specified amount you get scratch ID card along with joining kit. ID card contains distributor number and password, which can be seen on scratching. This password is authenticated validation and required to keep safely. Use of this password will be treated as authorized signature in future.

2. You can apply for online joining on company's website by using above password for distributorship with acceptance of abiding rules and regulations. Be careful in feeding the sponsor number and address. After acceptance of application you become a distributor.

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